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Defend against bigger, stronger, heavier assailants by using technique, leverage, and minimal strength. Our jiu jitsu program can be used for sport competition, self-defense, and a fun alternative for weight loss and learning.

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Kids Martial Arts

If your child isn't a fan of traditional sports, our jiu-jitsu program makes working out and building confidence a fun time all year long

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A brutal striking and mixed martial arts session for those that want to live the fighting lifestyle. Professional MMA fighters and Amateurs mixed together in one training room to learn and improve.

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You probably have a few questions. Hopefully we have some answers. We have a culled together a short list of the common questions we get asked on a daily basis.

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The Name

Where did the name come from? We get asked that a lot. Owner Justin LaBenne was inspired by an essay written by Henry Rollins while still in High School. Years later, the title, words, and mentality behind the writing stuck with him.

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