Mixed Martial Arts

Be part of a top rated MMA team with multiple top 10 amateurs and pro fighters

About our Program

Our Mixed Martial Arts program was created specifically for active MMA fighters, but even an enthusiast can get through the class – IF YOU LIKE HARD, GRUELING WORK! We have a feeder style of training here at Iron & Soul; meaning that individual skills and techniques are taught separately, and the MMA class provides the “glue” to bring those individual skills together. This method was designed to give the fighter the necessary skills to compete at a world class level if so desired. The program is centered around a team practice for everyone, and for the active fighters, training camps are employed to provide one-on-one coaching with the people who will be in your corner come fight time, as we believe in a symbiotic relationship with coaches-and-fighters.

Many people dream of becoming a fighter, but this type of training is particularly rigorous and only the most disciplined athletes should consider this training. You will be put to the test not just physically, but mentally even more so.

Our System

You will meet criteria specified by the coaching staff before representing Iron & Soul in an MMA fight. If you cannot meet this criteria, you will NOT fight under our name, nor will the coaching staff corner you.

You will be expected to have regular attendance to our individual programs during the week. If you cannot attend, it is doubtful that we will let you fight for us unless you are some sort of freak athlete. And even then, we doubt it.

We focus on regular, incremental progress - not massive leaps and bounds. Those kinds of achievements are fleeting at best, and they are not a recipe for long-term success. Be prepared to commit to training and to make sacrifices in your everyday life.

Keep the cockiness, ego, and social media posts bragging about how awesome you are and how much you "grind" to a minimum. The more you talk about your goals, the less likely you are to achieve them.

We don't change what we teach based on the new, top fighter of the month in the UFC. We have years of experience and expertise in our fields, and the system we teach is based on the most consistently used techniques that every high-level professional fighter has in their toolbox.

Be a good student. Shut-up and listen to your coaches and instructors. Show respect for those people helping you achieve your goals.

Be prepared to wait awhile. Patience is a virtue, and unless you bring a high-level of skill and prior experience in a combat sport, you've got a lot of work to do. Seriously. We don't want you going into the cage as a half-ass fighter, and we don't want half-ass fighters representing us. When the time is right, you'll be in the cage.

We use statistical analysis to measure our successes and failures. If something isn't working, we address it, correct it, and test again. Our goal is the continuous improvement of our students. Good luck finding coaches in this area that actually know if you're getting any better. We do.